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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Graphic Medicine: Medical Narrative in Graphic Novels

On 17th June 2010 the School of Advanced Study, in the Institute of English Studies, in the University of London (how's that for a mouthful?) will hold a one day inter-disciplinary conference aiming to explore the medical narrative in graphic novels and comics.

The website states that:

'many medical schools now encourage the reading of literature and the study of art to gain insights into the human condition.  The melding of text and visuals in graphic fiction and non fiction has lots to offer medical professionals, students and, indeed, patients.  Among the growing number of graphic novels, a sub genre exploring the patients and the carers experiences of illnesses and disability has emerged.'

Paul Gravett, Brian Fies and Marc Zaffron will be keynote speakers, delegate booking fees are £35 per person, or £25for speakers and concessions.  More information on the website.

Apologies for the delay in posts.  Real life has caught up with us but we hope to post some more reviews soon.

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