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Saturday, 12 December 2009

How to use this site

UPDATED - 23rd September 2012

There are several ways you can navigate around this site. Menus on the right and left of the screen contain useful posts that serve as good starting points.  Click through to read more.

Newcomers to the site can go to the column on the left, titled First time here? Read this!

Under that, is a list of the 10 most popular posts on the blog.Under that is the archive of all posts on the blog, so you can browse by month and year if you wish.

On the right hand column is a list of contributers to the site, click on each person's name and find out more about them.
Under that is the 8 most recent comments, so you can join in the conversation.
Under that is the labels.  These are organised, alphabetically,  into several main headers:
About (sub topic, e.g. blog, events, gift ideas, etc)
Age (children, general, mature, teen etc)
Art (name of artist)
Char (name of character
Colours (name of colourist)
Genre (name of genre)
Incl (short for includes, e.g. disabled, Deaf, CoC, LGBT etc)
Inks (name of inker)
Letters (name of letterist)
Pencils (name of penciller)
Place (name of place that book concentrates on)
Publisher (Marvel, DC, Viz, Dark Horse, webcomic etc)
Theme (Christmas, Halloween, International Women's Day etc)
Translator (name of translator)
Writer (name of writer)

Alternatively, you can use the search facility located in the top left hand corner.  Enter a term into the box and if it appears anywhere in the blog, the relevant posts will be shown.


  1. Very nicely organized. Once small caveat...where's the Green Lantern label?

  2. @Sally: When I find an accessible Green Lantern book it will be added! I believe James has one in mind, but do you have any any recommendations in the meanwhile? Not Rebirth - that confused me and I know about DC history!

  3. Uh...I like them ALL! I do have to recommend Guy Gardner: Reborn because it was hilarious and not too hard to get into.

    Some of those old GLC: Quarterly books were fun too.