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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Worlds Finest

Writer: Sterling Gates
Pencils: Julian Lopez, Ramon F. Bachs, Jamal Igle and Phil Noto
Inks: Bit, Rodney Ramos, Jon Sibal, Jack Purcell and Phil Noto
Colours: Hi-Fi and Phil Noto
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Publisher: DC 

What's it about?
This trade collects the 4 issue miniseries titled World's Finest, as well as two singular issues of other DC titles, namely DC Comics Presents #31 and Action Comic's # 885.  These two extra issues provide backup stories giving a more in depth look to the characters featured in the main story (the miniseries).  This review will focus on the miniseries.

Traditionally, the World's Finest title is a Superman/Batman team up book.  This version is a little different as it features 4 different team ups between the Superman and Batman families, and so explores the relationships between the heroes.  There is Red Robin and Nightwing (Chris Kent, last seen in Superman: Last Son), The Guardian and the current Robin, Supergirl and Batgirl, and lastly Superman and Batman with everyone else.

Each pair is investigating a different crime but gradually all the threads coalesce and we reach the final climatic fight scene.  It's a traditional superhero book and so it showcases a multitude of villainous acts and some pretty fun heroics.

What's good about it?
Sterling Gates knows his subjects and so is well able to show us the essence of the characters within a few short pages.  A long time Supergirl writer, he is able to control and weave together varying storylines into a cohesive whole and provide us with a riveting story.  He is ably backed up by a number of artists who illustrate the dialogue effectively and create smooth art panels that supplement and enhance the plot.

The villains plot and the heroes foil their schemes.  There's wisecracks and drama and it's a fun feelgood read.  For this reason, I am labelling it teenage, not because it is not enjoyable by adults, it most certainly is, but because it could also be enjoyed by young adults and because there is no violence, gore or other inappropriate scenes in it. 

What's bad about it?
The artists changes with each issue, which could be offputting.  There is one gratuitous scene involving Catwoman where her costume is unzipped rather lower than necessary and appears to have been included only so we can ogle her.  However, the rest of the female characters are treated respectfully, so it's possible that the artist was trying to include this scene in reference to Catwoman's supposed sexuality.  I am not sure that this excuses it, that is the individual reader's choice.

What's the art like?
As previously indicated the art does change from issue to issue.  As displayed, the pictures are from the following issues: Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 4.

I have my favourites but all in all, I think the art flows better than you'd expect. 

Other Information
Price: £10.99
ISBN: 1848568045

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