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Monday, 28 February 2011

Another theme month ends

And so we come to the end of February.  We have covered quite a few different comics this month, some with a Valentines theme and some that tie in to LGBT History Month.

For all you old romantics we've featured a nostalgic look at the romantic past of Marvel hero Daredevil, an American High School comedy (without the rose tinted glasses) in the guise of Blue Monday, more superheroics from DC's premier supercouple in Superman: Unconventional Warfare, and lastly, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, reinterpreted into a manga comic.

For those of you interested in books with LGBT characters, we've covered a cooking manga in Antique Bakery, a webcomic called Fans where a university sci-fi club has the know how to survive in a new sci-fi world, a chapter of Neil Gaiman's long running Sandman series, and finally, our first non-webcomic book with a trans character - Halo Jones.

Remember if you want to see what other themed books we've covered, please look at the labels below this post, or click here for romance books and here for LGBT books.

Thank you all for reading, and please leave comments if you've got any feedback!

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