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Sunday, 19 June 2011

We've made some changes...

You may have noticed some changes in the blog!  We have fiddled around with the layout and changed the background.  The reformatting is by no means complete, but the changes thus far are as follows:

First time here? Read this!  Previously called Aims, Objectives and Information, this has been moved to the left of the blog.

Underneath this is a list the most popular posts over the last month, so if you don't fancy trawling through the archives to find new books, have a scroll through these posts to see if anything catches your eye.

Under this is the blog archive, listing posts by month and name.

On the right hand side is the list of regular contributors, recent comments (so come join in the discussions!), and labels.

Although the revamp is still in process, it would be good to know what people think.  Leave us a comment!  Does the overall colour scheme work for you?  Is it easier to find extra information now?  Are the font and text colours of a decent size and colour?  Do you have any other comments?  Let us know!


  1. It was one of the templates on offer from blogger - it allowed me to have columns on each side with a plain background colour. It's not permanent!

  2. I've noticed, reading the post after this, that there are a lot of links in the main text that aren't visible as links until moused over. Could you put the underlining back on links in the centre column? It makes them easier to find.

  3. Hi there Susan.
    I can't put the underlining back on but I have now changed the link colour to blue and the visited link colour to green?
    Is that better? Let me know if not, I can always fiddle around with it again.

  4. Hi Saranga,

    I can't see the changed link colours. I'm using Firefox 3.6 and I tried reloading the page to clear the cache, and increasing the font size to see if there's a subtle colour difference, but they still all appear black to me. Different link colours would be useful if they showed up!

  5. Hi Susan.
    I wonder if the problem is that you may need an updated version of firefox. I am using firefox 4.0.1 and can see the different colours. I am guessing that this current blogger template isn't entirely compatible with firefox 3.6 (which seems rather stupid, I admit).
    Or, it could just be that the colours are too similar to view properly. Do the links change colour to blue once you've clicked on them (and refreshed the page)? It's quite a bright blue, so should be visible.

    However, I may fiddle around and try and come up with another template, which will hopefully give some better colour options.
    Just to clarify, the main text (no links) is in a grey/black colour, it's just the links themselves that are green, with the visited links turning blue.