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Friday, 1 July 2011

Characters of Colour in non superhero Comics

Just to take a break from the superhero aspect of all these posts, today we will focus on the non superpowered denizens of the comics medium.

You can read our other posts in the series as follows:
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Starting off with books we've already reviewed you could try Incognegro, looking at the racist lynchings of early twentieth century America.  Palestine is a journalistic account of life in Palestine, told by American Jewish writer Joe Sacco.  Sacco's strength is that he presents a fair picture from both sides.

For a less reality based and more modern outlook try Morning Glories, about life in a horror boarding school.  One of the main character's is an Asian boy.  Serenity Those Left Behind and Better Days  is Joss Whedon's take on the future and gives the amazing Zoe (black) a central part.

Of course, there's all our manga books too.  Manga, being Asian in origin, are pretty much all populated by Asian characters.  Scroll through the reviews and take your pick.

For books we haven't reviewed, but really should, can we recommend The Walking Dead, a 14 book and counting zombie post apocalyptic series where it's not just white people who survive the trauma, and Y: The Last Man.  Another post apocalyptic series where all the males on the earth have suddenly died, except for one man, named Yorick, and his monkey.  The mystery epidemic, if that's what it was, affected no women, and unlike most futuristic novels, it's not only white folk who survive.

This might sound hokey, but it is loved by pretty much everyone who reads it.  Brian K Vaughan writes and Pia Guerra draws, and what is produced is a masterpiece of a half derelict future.  If anyone here has read the whole series, please do not spoil the ending!  This is far too good a series for people to have spoiled.

Stick around as we go back to superhero comics next.

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