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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Reynard City

ReynardCity, a foxy webcomic

Writer: Will Turner
Artists: Various
Publisher: Independent/webcomic

Today's guest review comes courtesy of Dan Wright.  Dan is a writer of Manga and Fantasy, who currently has two books out. He also reviews part time on Read2Review and does what he can to help indie authors. Check out his website at the provided links:
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On with the review!

What’s it about?
Reynard City is the brain child of Will Turner, whose story tells of three superpowered foxes fighting for their lives on their homeworld of Animal Kingdom. Fighting against the villainous Mega Fox (a villain so badass that even Megatron the Transformers villain would cower before him), the start of the story throws you right into the action and doesn’t let up; until the foxes (and Mega Fox himself) find themselves teleported in Reynard City, amongst the humans.
Split up from each other and constantly hunted by their enemies, the team take on human personalities and now have to juggle double lives as both humans and crime fighters.

What’s good about it?
Reynard City is a lot more than your traditional superhero comic. The three fox characters have difficulty adapting to their new lives and their problems are evident. All the characters have their own weaknesses that prevent them from making them Mary-Sues. Wondervixen is a strong, somewhat overconfident character, but secret suffers from weight issues that can really damage her personality. AK Girl believes herself to be the saviour of the Universe and has all manner of superpowers - but when she comes into contact with caramel she inflates like a balloon and this leaves her vulnerable. And Hyper Rob is impetuous and headstrong, meaning that he always dives into trouble without thinking.   The characters have enough faults so to avoid them being Mary-Sue’s and do come across as more layered than most other superheroes.
All in all Reynard City is a comic that I can enjoy. It has characters that have interesting complexities in the same way that the characters in Alan Moore’s Watchmen had, but also a wide variety of artwork from fresh new talent and a story that you’re never too sure where it is going to go, but you’ll keep reading just to find out. Will Turner has a great imagination and talent for storytelling – as do the rest of the creative team. Let’s hope that Marvel and DC pick them up in the future as I would be most interested in seeing these guys go far.
What’s the art like?
The artwork is done by a collection of different artists, each adding their own spin to the project. This means that every issue is a surprise as you never get the same art style twice. The artwork ranges from colourful images that you would get in typical superhero comics, to gritty black and white.  This brings us onto...
What’s bad about it?
Because of the variety of artists the artwork can sometimes be a little jarring and occasionally the art style makes it a little hard to see what’s going on, it nonetheless adds a different element to the piece and it’s a great opportunity for these artists to demonstrate their abilities. My only other complaint is that sometimes the story is a little hard to follow at times and sometimes the plots get resolved too quickly.
Other information
You can check out Reynard City at the website Reynard City and you can also follow them on twitter @reynardcity.

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