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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Green Arrow Sale on Comixology

A Twitter friend has just alerted me to the fact that Comixology, the digital comics retailer, has a Green Arrow sale.  Each issue is 99 American cents, or about 50p (English money).

Green Arrow is one of DC's superheroes.  He dresses in green and is an ace archer.  He has an on again/off again relationship with Black Canary, ace martial artist with a sonic scream.

Justin Hartley played him to good effect in Smallville and I believe he now has own tv series in the form of Arrow.  Heres a picture of the lovely Hartley as Green Arrow:
If you want to read more about him in comics, may I recommend the following issues.  For ease of producing this post, I'll just link to the first issue in each run.

Green Arrow Year One, issues 1 to 6 - Beautifully painted, mostly well told story about how Green Arrow came to be.  Unfortunately it does contain some dodgy Asian stereotyping.  Our review is here.
The 1983 run, issues 1 to 4 - If I recall correctly this is a political, realistic telling of the superhero journey.
The Wonder Year, issues 1 to 4 - An older version of the year one story.  Worth reading to see the similarities and how his origin has changed over time, but if pushed - and you prefer more modern stories - go for the one titled Year One.  The Wonder Year probably also includes some dodgy Asian stereotyping.
The 1988 run, issues 1 to 6 and 9 to 24 (scroll further down the Comixology listings to see issues 9 to 24) - The run from '88 to '98 is one of my favourites in comics.  Like the 1983 issues, this is also pretty political.
The 2001 to 2007 run, issues 1 to 10, 16 to 24 and 54 to 75 - These issues are a much more modern take on Green Arrow.  Issues 1 to 10 are written by Kevin Smith, who did the Mallrats, Clerks, and Jay and Silent Bob films.  This run tells how Green Arrow is reintroduced to the DC Universe after a period of absence due to being dead.  Brad Meltzer does issues 16 to 24 and Judd Winick does 54 to 75.  These issues are my favourite Green Arrow run, ever.  Review of Crawling Through The Wreckage (issues 60 to 65) is here.  Black Canary is in this run a fair bit.
The Longbow Hunters issues 1 to 3 - This is one of the most acclaimed mini-series in superhero comics, ever.  It's incredibly difficult to get hold of the hardcopies and is a really, really excellent read.  It's introspective and serious - not for children - with beautiful, soft artwork.  Worth reading for Black Canary.
Green Lantern/Green Arrow issues 76 to 89 - Both green clad heroes team up and Arrow gives Lantern a  conscience.  This is a seminal work and incredibly important in the two characters' history.  The road trip they go on is referenced over and over in later comics.  Our review here.  Black Canary appears in this a bit.
Green Arrow/Black Canary issues Wedding Special and 1 to 5 - Rollicking good fun.  Great artwork by Amanda Connor and Cliff Chiang, and a touching, unforgettable story.  Our review here.

The other issues on sale aren't really worth bothering with.

I hope that's helpful.  Enjoy your reading. :)

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  1. Justin Hartley does not portray Green Arrow in the new show, the part has been given to Stephen Arnell.