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Monday, 17 June 2013

Superman sale on Comixology

In honour of the new Superman movie - Man of Steel - Comixology are once again doing one of their legendary sales, so once again we'll give you a guide to what's available.  The sale is on until 11pm, Thursday 20th June and most titles are just 99 cents each - that's about 60p in UK money.  It's an incredibly comprehensive sale, covering the important, and best, Superman stories of the last 80 years.

More information after the cut.

There are loads and loads of comics in this sale; readers really are spoilt for choice.  The film took Superman in quite a new direction, one that we haven't really seen before.  In feel, the Superman of the film is probably closer to the new 52 incarnation than any other version.  Certainly, the majority of the comics in the sale give a happier, more hopeful version of Superman and his world.  Both the film and the comics have their merits so, without further ado, I shall summarise the cut price issues for you.

All links go to either www.readdcentertainment.com (an online shop front for Comixology) for the first issue in a story arc, or one of our reviews.  I have only included the really notable issues as there's so much stuff included in the sale.

Ongoing series - Action comics 
This is the first comic Superman appeared in.
Issue 1, introducing Superman and Lois Lane.
Issue 252, introducing Supergirl.
Issue 583, the second part of a story written by Alan Moore, long regarded as one of the great comic writers.  The first part of this arc was in Superman 423, and is also in the sale here.
Issues 584 to 596 appear to be team-ups between Superman and other characters.  I think 588, 589, 594, and 595 all look fun.
Issues 592 and 593 are quite frankly odd, as Superman and a heroine called Big Barda get kidnapped and mind-controlled by a guy named Sleeze and forced to make a porn film.  There isn't any sex in the comic, but the panels with the bed and the video camera and Superman and Barda kissing make it very clear what's going on.  They are a great, if very strange, couple of issues.
Issue 662, Lois Lane learns Superman's identity.
Issue 684, where Superman gets killed by the beast known as Doomsday.
Issues 844, 856, 851, and Annual 11 all form the Last Son story, which we reviewed here.
Action Comics 856 and 857 form the last two issues of the Escape from Bizarro World story.  The first issue in the story, 855, is available but isn't included in the sale so it's full price at $1.99.
The Last Son story and issues 858 to 870 set up for the big crossover event called World of New Krypton, which is all about General Zod.  Issues 858 to 863 form the Superman and the Legion of Superheroes trade. Issues 866 to 870 form the Brainiac story.

Ongoing series - Adventures of Superman
When DC rebooted their universe in 1986 through the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, Adventures of Superman 424 was one of the series that introduced us to the new Superman and his revised history.  I haven't read much of these so I advise you to have a look at the issue descriptions and see if any intrigue you.

Ongoing series - Superman 1987 to 2006
This was another post crisis book, starting at issue 1 and running until 2011.  I haven't read much of these so advise you to have a look at the descriptions and pull out any interesting ones.

Ongoing series - New 52
When DC rebooted their universe in 2011 Superman was prominent in 3 titles:
Action Comics - this was written by Grant Morrison and got very favourable reviews.
Justice League - this series introduced DC's premier superteam in their new, rebooted universe.  We reviewed issue 1 here.

One-off issues
Crisis on Infinite Earths issue 1,the first issue in DC's first reboot of their universe.
JLA 1, 1997 series, another one by Grant Morrison. I didn't care much for this but it is highly regarded.
Justice League of America 1, 2006 series,  another new direction for the JLA.  Justice League books get changed quite often.  I am rather fond of this incarnation.
The Wedding Album - Lois Lane and Clark Kent get hitched!  This is a great and fun standalone story.

Death of Superman
In the 1990s Superman died.  Obviously he got better, but at the time it was a pretty major event.  The story was told through the following issues:

Two issues not included in the sale, or on Comixology at all, are Superman 76 and Deadman Dead Again 3, which follow up on the Death of Superman arc. 

Standalone story arcs
Birthright - I think this is the definitive origin story for Superman.  We reviewed it here.  It's gorgeous.
Superman For All Seasons - Superman as seen through the eyes of his earth Dad, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Lana Lang.
Red Son - what if Superman's capsule had landed in the Soviet Union and not Kansas?  This is another favourite which we reviewed here.
Secret Identity - what if you were an ordinary kid named Clark Kent, living on a Kansas farm, and one day you discovered you could fly?  This is Superman as if he was born on our world.  I think this is one of the finest Superman stories ever written.  We reviewed it here.
Secret Origins - Another origin story but where Superman and Clark are drawn to look like the much missed Christopher Reeve.  Not quite as good as Birthright, but well worth a read.
All Star Superman, written by Grant Morrison - this is his love letter to the Superman mythos.  We reviewed it here.
Trinity - this is one of my most favourite ever comics.  It's a Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman story and it is magnificent.
Kingdom Come - this is a glorious, beautifully painted series set in the future when the older heroes like Superman have retired and the new guard have risen up.  Worth it for the art alone, which is by the same artist as on the cover.
Lex Luthor Man of Steel - I haven't read this myself but it looks good, and focuses on everyone's favourite bald villain, Lex Luthor himself.

Superman/Batman - DC's two greatest heroes team up.  The second volume brought us that generation's Supergirl, reviewed here, and overall the entire series was great comic-y fun.

And if that's not enough for you, the Buzzfeed website recently did a list of the 12 Superman stories everyone should read, some of which we have covered above.

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