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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Green Arrow and associates Comixology sale

Apologies for the long wait between posts.  Life has been rather busy lately.  I'm afraid I cannot give you a full review tonight, but I will point you towards another comixology sale, this time it is themed around the Arrow TV show.

Oliver Queen is known in comics as Green Arrow and I believe the TV show brings in a lot of other DC characters.  There are 166 issues in the sale, here are what I think are the best.  All links take you to the first issue in the story arc.  The sale runs for 7 days from 25th March.

Green Arrow: Year One: Reviewed by us here, this is Green Arrow's origin story and one of my favourite ever comics.  It's beautiful.  There are 6 issues in this story.

Black Canary: New Wings: This is really good. Canary is a blond martial artist, dressed in fishnets and possessing a sonic scream.  She's badass, tough, loving and sexy.  She has been in an on/off relationship with Green Arrow since the 1960s, hence her inclusion in this sale.  This is a 4 issue mini series.

Black Canary, 1993 series, issues, 1 - 12: Most of this series is good, but issues 10,11 and 12 get quite nastily racist when they bring in a Muslim character who keeps women as concubines/slaves.  It's pretty awful.  So perhaps just get issues 1-9.

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, issues 1-3: I've not reviewed this anywhere but I really, really should.   It's about GA's and Canary's move to Seattle after some traumatic events in their personal life.  Like Year One, this is a beautifully drawn book.

Green Arrow, 1988 to 1998, issues 7, 9 - 12, 21 - 24: I've read all these issues, but it was a long time ago so forgive me if I don't remember all the details.  I believe these stories are GA and Canary issues as much as GA issues, and I remember really, really enjoying the series.

Young Justice 23 - 25: I honestly don't know why these issues are included in the sale, but I'll recommend them as they are really good fun.  I reviewed a Young Justice trade here and I'll take every opportunity I can to push this series.  It's about a group of teenage superheroes, the art is really cartoony and there's not a hint of darkness or grittiness about it.  Recommended for teens and adults.

Birds of Prey, issues 92 - 95: Written by Gail Simone, this is a series about a group of female superheroes and it's is most steadfastly not dealing with their love life.  These issues focus on Black Canary and her interaction with the new Jade Canary.

Green Arrow 57-59:  These issues are written by Judd Winick and although I can't remember the exact details of these issues, I have a special place in my heart for them.

Suicide Squad 1-12: These issues are reviewed here.  This series is solid storytelling, revealing the darker underbelly of the DC Universe's governmental agencies.

Huntress Year One: This mini series was one of my earliest reviews.  It's an excellent retelling of Helena Bertinelli's journey from mafia daughter to protector of Gotham.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow, issues 85 and 86: Green Arrow discovers that his ward, Speedy, is a heroin addict.  GA acts like a jerk, Canary does the clean up.  I reviewed this series here.

Also included in the sale are Deathstroke, Deadshot, New 52 Green Arrow, and TV spin off Arrow comics (and more).  I am not recommending these because I either haven't read them, have read them and can't remember enough about them, or flat out don't like them.  Have a look around and see what you think.

Happy reading!

EDITED TO ADD: Here is a link to a guide on other Huntress issues available on comixology.  Enjoy!


  1. Huntress Year One is one of those books where 'some love it, some hate it,' but I personally enjoyed the story and art of this mini. It's largely based off of the rebooted origin that Greg Rucka established for the character of Helena Bertinelli in the second half of her publication history, but does make allusions to the original incarnation of the character from Joey Cavalieri's series as well as the original Helena Wayne Huntress.

    Speaking of Joey Cavalieri, the Huntress (1989) sale is also worth looking into if you want to see how Helena Bertinelli originally started out before she became the character we largely know her for. She was a very different character in 1989 and was more closely characterised to the original Helena Wayne version than later versions. There is, however, a trigger warning for rape in the first issue, and is somewhat of a recurring theme in her narrative. Other than that, it's actually a pretty decent series.