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Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Escapist Webcomic Competition

The Escapist is a website hosting a weekly online-exclusive video gaming magazine, vlog game reviews and forum community. Usually this would not be a website that merit mention on New Readers… Start Here but they have recently announced a webcomic competition. This may be of interest to visitors for several reasons:

1) The competition’s prize is a paid publishing contract to contribute a gaming webcomic to The Escapist on a regular basis. Budding comic artists and writers may be interested in an open competition, especially if gaming is one of their hobbies.

2) If you are a gamer yourself you may be interested in seeing the results of the competition when the winners are published. A previous flash game competition was judged by members of the Escapist forum community in conjunction with professional judges.

If you’re taken with The Escapist you might want to sign up and join in the judging (if it is communally judged, the rules are a little vague) on the week of March 1st. Those worried about spam from signing up should note I’ve been a member for about six months and all I’ve received in my in-box has been my weekly e-mail copy of the magazine.

3) If nothing else a small selection of quite varied webcomics are linked in the contest rules you might want to take a chance on.

Competition closes 28th February, rules and conditions found [here].

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