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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Timely Reminders of Old Love Songs

It being the week of Valentine’s Day, we at New Readers have decided to throw out a few more romantic recommendations in honour of the occasion. However, we fully recognise we’ve left it a bit late (never too early to buy for next year, mind…) so here are a few links back to previous reviews of comics with a touch of romance about them.

Student-house coupling in Andrew James’ webcomic Dubious Tales.

Two superheroes tie the knot in Green Arrow and Black Canary: For Better Or For Worse.

A little light yuri romance in Japanese series Azumanga Daioh that avoids all the stereotypes of the genre.

A Canadian English teachers falls in love with both a country and a woman in Love As A Foreign Language

In Superman: Secret Identity we see the real life repercussions of gaining superpowers, particularly in relation to how they impact on family and love life.

Teen Titans: Year One has a light subplot around the pitfalls of teenage dating.

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