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Monday, 6 December 2010

We are one year old!

Yes, we have made it to one year!  I'm pretty proud of what we've done here, so why don't we take a look at what we've done in the past year, by looking at some numbers.  We've had 4 amazing reviewers producing 100 reviews covering the following things:

40 superhero books
31 non superhero books
9 manga
11 webcomics
3 themed months - Halloween, LGBT history month and Valentines day

13 posts discussing comics, the point of them and what new readers need to know (including 2 giving specific consumer advice)
Developed a list of 71 recommended comics shops, both online and in the real world, situated all over the world.

7 All Ages books
10 teenage books
14 books for mature readers
6 posts on comic related events around the world

We've showcased a huge variety of art and writing styles and I think we've also demonstrated the diversity that exists in modern comics - we've had 19 books with LGBT characters, 25 with Characters of Colour, 4 with disabled characters (I think we need to improve that figure).  We've covered a lot of genres: comedy, crime, action, romance, animals, war, biography, mafia, fantasy and so on.

If there are particular styles or genres of book you'd like to see please let us know!  Either email us or leave a comment on any of the posts.  We like feedback!

A few thanks are needed here.  Firstly, a huge huge thank you to my fellow reviewers - James Ashelford, Lissbirds and Mothee.  They are all bloody great and inspiring writers who put my words to shame.  I would not have been able to keep this going without their help and contributions.  They are all great and you should go read their personal blogs now.

A quick note about how we operate:
None of us are paid for this.  We don't work for or have any connections with the comics industry. We have been sent solicits of new comcis, but we only review them if we think they are any good and appropriate for this site.  Basically, we do this out of a love for comcis and a desire to write.

Another round of thanks to everyone who has linked to the site, commented on it, gave ideas for books, suggested what was important for new readers, recommended a good comic shop or otherwise given input.

We're not going away, we've got lots more books planned to cover and we hope you stick around and keep on reading. :)

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