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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Comic Shops - UK and beyond

A directory of good, trusted and friendly shops to buy your comics in, should you require it.  This will be updated as and when we discover good stores.

If you have any tips for us, including ones outside of the UK, please leave a comment and we will add the information to the post. 
Brighton - Dave's Comics
Canterbury - Whatever Comics
Colchester - Ace Comics
London -  A Place in Space (Croydon)
               Gosh! Comics  (zone 1)
               Cartoon Museum (zone1, round the corner from Gosh! Comics, a museum and a shop)
               Orbital Comics (zone 1)
Norwich - Abstract Sprocket 
Nottingham - Page 45 

UK Chain shops:
Forbidden Planet  - Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Cambridge, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, and Southampton
Travelling Man - Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, York

Sydney -  Kings Comics

Alberta -  Happy Harbour Comics (Edmonton)
Manitoba - Comics America (Winnipeg)
Ontario - Cyber City Comix (Toronto)
              One Million Comix (Toronto)
              Silver Snail Comics (Toronto)
              Heroes World (Markham)
              The Comic Book Shoppe (Ottawa)

Alaska - Bosco's (Anchorage)
Arizona - All About Comics (Phoenix)
California -  A1 Comics (Sacramento)
                 Atlantis Fantasyworld (Santa Cruz)
                 Comic Relief (Berkeley)
                 Dr. Comics and Mr. Games (Piedmont/Oakland)
                 Empire Comics (Sacramento)
                 Isotope - The Comic Book Lounge (San Franciso)
Colorado - Gryphon Gamesa & Comics (Fort Collins)
Florida - Famous Faces and Funnies (Melbourne)
Georgia - Comics & More (Savannah)
              Oxford Comics (Atlanta)
Illinois - Graham Crackers Comics
Indiana -  Vintage Phoenix (Bloomington)
Louisiana - Acadiana Books and Comics (Lafayette)
Maryland - Big Planet Comics (Also has shops in Washington
                                             and Virginia)
                 Twilight Zone Comics (Glen Burnie)
Massachusetts -  Comicazi
                         Comicopia (Boston)
                         Outer Limits (Waltham, near Boston)                       
                         The Million Year Picnic (Cambridge)
Missippi - 3 Alarm Comics (Biloxi)
Nevada - Maximum Comics (Las Vegas)
New England - New England Comics
                      Newbury Comics & Music
New Jersey - Dewey's Comic City (Madison)
New York Bergen Street Comics (Brooklyn)
                    Midtown Comics
North Carolina - Acme Comics (Greensboro)
                        Comic Envy (Asheville)
Ohio - Superfly Comics & Games
Oregon - Borderlands Games (Salem)
Pennsylvania - Dreamscape Comics (Bethlehem)
South Carolina - Captain Lou's Cards and Comics (Charleston)
Texas - A Comic Shop - (Winterpark)
           Dragon's Lair (San Antonio)
           Zeus Comics (Dallas)
Virginia - Big Planet Comics (Also has shops in Washington
                                          and Maryland)
Washington - Big Planet Comics (Also has shops in Virginia
                                                and Maryland)
                    Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics (Lacey)
                    The Comic Stop (Lynnwood, Redmond)

This Scans Daily post lists a lot of the shops  detailed above along with comments on their accessibility, friendliness and stock selection amongst other things. 

Online retailers
Amazon UK
A Place in Space (UK Ebay shop)
Apocalypse Comics (UK Ebay shop)
United Publications (UK, for furry, anime and manga.  Carries some yaoi and yuri titles)
emanga (read manga online, either for free or by e-renting)
Discount Comic Book Service (America)
Heavy Ink (America)
Things From Another World (America)

And don't forget you can always use your local library!  If they are having trouble locating the book give them the ISBN!

Thanks to everyone who suggested a shop!

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