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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day! Part two

Following on from yesterday's post, today is International Women's Day and we shall round up with the other books about women we have featured.  No superheroes this time around.

For you manga fans, how about:
Iono-Sama Fanatics - a wholly lesbian, women's love manga.
Love Roma - an awkward love blooms in high school, where both partners are equally important to the plot.
Manga Shakespeare: Twelfth Night - it's one of the great plays, and this version made our reviewer reevaluate his view of a central female character
Blue Monday: The Kids are Alright
Scott Pilgrim - Scott has to win the love of Ramona Flowers, in a book that like the Superhero romance recommendations, doesn't belittle or sideline the love interests.

For webcomic fans, there is:
Venus Envy - about a young trans woman's life.
Questionable Content - QC covers a lot of ground, disability, queerness and mental health included, and throughout it all the main character is Faye.
Menage a 3 - this is an adult webcomic with a lot of sex.

For real life stories try out Fun Home and Laika.

Then there's everything else:
Fables: What if fairy tales were real? What if the characters lived and mixed with us? Led by Rose Red, this is fairy stories in a real life setting.
Promethea - for bringing an elastic, compassionate perspective to the concept of Promethean fire
Love and Rockets - great, strong, compelling characters.
Whiteout is another detective story from Greg Rucka, this time set on the ice.
Paris is a love affair between two women set in 1950s Paris.

Sexy Voice and Robo is our last recommendation, and is not your conventional school story.

For your sci fi kicks try The Ballad of Halo Jones or either two Serenity books.

Happy Women's Day everybody!  We hope you enjoy the books!

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