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Monday, 7 March 2011

International Women's Day!

In the run up to International Women's Day (8th March) we'd like to celebrate by reccommending you some titles about some amazing women.  We've done over 100 reviews on this site, with over 50% of the books about women.  Take that, people who argue women centred stories can't be good stories.

If you'd like to read about Superheroines, can we suggest:
For the most wonderous woman of all time:
Wonder Woman: The Hikiteia - about women, oaths, truth, loaylty and mythology.
Teen Titans Year 1, Young Justice: A League Of Their Own and Teen Titans: Spotlight: Wonder Girl are all about Wonder Woman's junior sidekick, in her various incarnations.
From Gotham City:
Batman: The Bat and the Cat - Batgirl and Catwoman cross paths for the first time
Batwoman: Elegy - Gotham's new lesbian crimefighter
Catwoman: Crooked Little Town - Catwoman in a noirish detective story

For some outright feminist superheroines, how about trying:
Huntress: Year One - a thoroughly feminist character, Helena Bertinelli puts up with no rubbish.  younger readers can find out about her in Batman: the Brave and the Bold, where she has a small part.
Power Girl: New Begginning - Much like the Huntress, Power Girl wouldn't know how to apologise for who she is. And she runs her own company.  Also read about her in Terra's book.
Marvel Fairy Tales and Spider-man Fairy Tales, particualrly the Red Riding Hood story in the latter book.
Tank Girl: The Odyssey - mixing up your classic mythology and your modern belching.

For books with a range of heroes, male and female, how about:
Secret Six: 6 Degrees of Devastation - the 6 are a group of villains, but compelling villains, and led by a woman with a female lover, another team member.

Wednesday Comics - a collection of 12 stories including Supergirl, Catwoman and Wonder Woman.
DC: The New Frontier - a journey back to 1950s America when the superheroes were still learning the ropes.  Wonder Woman shines in this book, fighting male oppression and savagery
nextwave: agents of H.A.T.E - bizzare, shouty and full of explosions.  3 women in the team of 5.

For younger readers, try
Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade - Supergirl's origin story for younger readers
Runaways Pride and Joy and Rock Zombies  - a group of teenagers break awya from their evil parents and we get one of the best super teams of all time.

For romance books where the woman is never sidelined:
Superman: Secret Identity - A real world  version of Superman, where Lois Lane is every bit as important as Superman, and they have 2 daughters.
Superman: Unconventional Warfare - Showcasing Lois Lane at her very best
Flash: Terminal Velocity - an old fashioned love story between Linda Parks and Wally West, the then Flash.  Next to Superman and Lois Lane, they are an enduring couple
Green Arrow/Black Canary - Another favoutire couple, this collection chronicles their courtship in the years leading up to their marriage.

For some miscellaneous books:
Superman/Batman: Supergirl  - Supergirl's origin story
Supergirl: Many Happy Returns - lots and lots of Supergirls.
Black Orchid - The plant woman searches for meaning on earth
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires and Tales of the Slayers
Daredevil/Echo: Parts of a Hole - A young Deaf woman, Echo, discovers her past and her place in the world.
Empowered volume 1 - an adult spoof for the superhero genre (not for younger readers, contains a lot of sex)
Promethea: Philosphy, magic and a lot of imagination, sums up Promeathea.
Fallen Angel omnibus - another noirish detective book.

Of course, there are lots of female writers and artists out there too.  Tf you want comiss created by women look down the labels bar on the right and click on the women's names.  And don't forget, lots of women read comics, check out this blog for examples!

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