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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is in the air....for everyone!

As has probably been noted by most people in the UK, it's Valentine's day today!  If all the commercial schmaltz hasn't annoyed you too much, you may want to pick up some romantic comics.  If you do, well then, we have quite a few for you!

Since last year's wrap up post we've reviewed a just few more romantic comics, 3 in fact.  these are:
Gingerbread Girl - a fun, whimsical story of a woman who's a little bit strange, in a new relationship.
Blankets - an autobiographical story of first love
You are here - a comedic thriller for mature readers, about a New York painter, living with his girlfriend.

When I titled this post, 'for everyone', it's true.  February is LGBT history month in the UK, so yet again I want to bring your attention to the LGBT comics we've reviewed.

Time allowing, we'll get more reviews of LGBT books posted this month.  Up to now, we haven't featured many books with transgender characters, partly because they are harder to find, and partly because of lack of time to read and write the reviews.

I can however suggest Transe Generation, a webcomic, and for those of you who want some superheroics, Demon Knights features a trans character, and this blog post by Kill or Cure talks about a few Doom Patrol issues and a series called Deathwish with trans characters.  It also rather neatly shows the importance of having trans characters in fiction and popular culture.

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