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Monday, 14 May 2012

Comics for teens

I am often asked for recommendations for comics for children and teenagers.  I am asked so often, I thought I'd do a couple of posts rounding up all the books I usually point people towards.  So, this post will focus on comics on children, (say up to about age 11 or 12) and a second post will focus on comics for teenagers (aged 12 or 13 and upwards).
I would ask that if you are buying comics for kids or teens, do check them out for yourself first.  I don't have kids, and my recommendations are based on what I would have read as a child and teen, but now young folk seem to read more mature stuff than I ever had access too (or wanted to read).  So, please consider the reading level and maturity of the kids and teens concerned when you are buying books for them and maybe check out the all ages reading list as well.

To start, all books tagged with our Teenage label can be found here and here.  There are two links as we are in the middle of upgrading our labelling system.  Please check both links.
Depending on the reading level and maturity of the teenager in question, you might want to look at the other books we've reviewed too.  I admit I have difficulty deciding what makes a book teenage appropriate, and often I think it's because they've got teenage characters.  So with that in mind, the only books I definitely wouldn't point them towards are the ones tagged 'mature', for obvious reasons.

World's Finest - This is a particularly fine story about Superman and Batman and their associated sidekicks and villains.
Young Justice: A league of their own - fab book about a brilliant team of young superheroes.
Animal Man - this will probably appeal to the more politically minded teen.  There's a lot in here about animal rights, sense of self and identity.
Daredevil: Wake Up - Another one for the politically minded, serious kid.
Magneto: Testament -
Teen Titans  Spotlight: Wonder Girl - The trials of Wonder Woman's protege, Wonder Girl.  This is great, with really good, fun art.
DC The New Frontier - A retelling of the Justice League's exploits in the 1950s.
Runaways - A group of teenagers find out their parents are supervillains and try to set things right.  Utterly great.  We have reviewed volumes 1 and 10.
Teen Titans - the books by Geoff Johns are very good.  The reading order is as follows: A Kid's Game, Family Lost, Beast Boys and Girls, The Future is Now, Teen Titans/Outsiders: the Death & Return of Donna Troy, Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders, Life and Death, Titans Around the World, Titans East.
X-Men Magneto: Testament - Not a superhero book as such, despite the name.  This is about the holocaust and the camps.  To assure you of it's seriousness, it includes teaching materials for schools.  it's good.   It's surprisingly good.
For other X-Men books, see all reviews tagged X-Men here.
Batgirl - the third Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.  Probably best to buy these digitally, the trades seem really hard to find.
Smallville - Season 11 continues in comic form!  OK so I haven't read these myself but if it's in the spirit of the TV show it will be suitable for teenagers.

Love Roma - high school romance!

If anyone has any further ideas for good comics for teens let me know in the comments!

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