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Friday, 4 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday May 5th is Free Comic Book Day!  It's an opportunity to discover lots of new comics, including a lot of kids comics, for free!

Shops all over the USA take part, as do ones in the UK and other countries.  For more information on the initiative see the website.

To find a participating shop near you, either see the above website, ring your local shop, or if you don't know any shops near you, take a look at this list we put together, and give one close by you a ring

Free Comic Book Day is one of my favourite days of the year.  Celebrate with us!   :)


  1. I wish we'd have something similar in French speaking countries :(

  2. I'm surprised other countries don't get involved. :( I've just had a look at the store locator for Switzerland and it says one in Zurich and one in Basel got involved. But that probably isn't much help if you don't live near those cities.

    1. Yeah, only 2 little stores and in the German part of Switzerland it seems :/

      Here in Geneva we got like a dozen or so comic stores, none knowing about this FCBD sadly...

    2. Send them tot he FCBD website! Get them to register for nest year!