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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the blog silence.  December is never a good time to try and restart anything.
To make it up to you, here's a Christmas comic from Mike Maihack:

If you want more of this check out Maihack's previous strips:
Last year's Christmas comic
The first Supergirl/Batgirl one he did
The second one he did

And keeping with the Super theme, Comixology currently has a 99cent (about 60 English pence) sale on Superman comics.  The DC Women Kicking Ass tumblr has done a list of those titles most relevant to Lois Lane.  I highly recommend you check it out and I wholeheartedly endorse her recommendations for Birthright and Superman For All Seasons.  Those two are fantastic, fantastic comics.

As for titles without a Lois focus, I'd also recommend Red Son, All Star Superman, the For Tomorrow arc which cover Superman vol 2 issues 204 to 215 (I've not read this myself but I have heard very good things about it), the Superman/Batman issues and Trinity.

Links given are to the first issue of each story arc or series.

It's a ten day sale which finishes on Saturday so hurry up and take a look!

Happy holidays!


  1. Also, worth mentioning, you can order a printed digest paperback release of his Cleopatra in Space in his website!

  2. Definitely worth mentioning!