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Friday, 10 May 2013

Comixology sale of Action Lab comics!

Comixology has another one of their marvellous 3 day sales on. This time it's for the Action Lab publisher house's books.  Most issues are 99 cents each.

There's a range of books here, from horror to pirate detectives, to unconventional princesses, time travel, fairies and other folklore.  You'll find something for kids and adults and everyone in between.

I recommend picking up the Princeless series, which we reviewed here.  Also worthwhile is the Princeless/Molly Danger sampler, which is free, and The Order of Dagonet which is simply fab.

I don't know the others but I am tempted to get Back in the Day, Jack Hammer: Political Science, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa Vol 1, Monsters Are Just like Us, Pirate Eye: Mark of the Black Widow, Snowed In and the Order of Dagonet issues 1 to 3.

Happy reading!

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