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Monday, 27 May 2013


I thought I'd do a post about podcasts as I have recently been involved with one, and it struck me that they can be a pretty good way to hear about the latest comics news.  What follows is a list of podcasts recommended to me.  Unfortunately I can't listen to them all myself because my internet connection is rubbish and keeps cutting out. 

Radio Bamf
OK this wasn't recommended to me, this is included because I guested on episode 13.  It gets swung to the top of the list because it is available at a variety of places, including youtube which has (automatic) captions so it is accessible to hard of hearing and Deaf people too.  We like accessibility here.
Radio Bamf covers comics news, reviews and odd points of view, for all sorts of comics - Marvel, DC and the indies.  Find Bamf here:
We are arcade

Fire and Water
This is run by a couple of people, one of whom I know, and focuses on the characters Aquaman and Firestorm (giving the Fire and Water name) but also provides a Who's Who of the DCU.
New posts are listed on the blog and all are available through itunes. 

Three Chick Review Comics
Another one I haven't listened to myself, but I know one of the presenters from Twitter, and she is excellent.  They cover all sorts of comics, reviews and news.
Listen to the pods here. 

Crazy Sexy Geeks
Also recommended to me.  This covers comics and other geeky stuff - Dr Who, Disney, Star Wars, Buffy actors, films, TV, etc etc.  Run by a couple of really good tweeters.
Listen to the podcasts here.

I hope you enjoy!  If you know of any other good ones, or if you run one yourself, please leave a link in the comments :)

Edited to add - a lot of these recommendations came from @JimmyMcG on Twitter.  Thanks for the help Jimmy :)

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