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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween specials from DC

Usually we at New readers don't feature individual issues but on this occasion we will break with tradition and mention a few.  Here we go...

Each year DC put out special Halloween issues.  They contain several short stories featuring various characters having Halloween themed adventures.  If you wanted a quick and not too expensive way into each publisher's universe, you could do worse than picking up these issues.

DC's book is titled DC Universe Halloween Special 2010:

It contains stories about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Scarecrow, the Teen Titans and the Flash.   The first Batman story, actually a continuation of a story from last year, features a couple of young kids who have somehow captured the Scarecrow (a Batman villain who uses a fear gas to terrify his victims), is one of the best stories in this collection.
The other standout story is the Teen Titans one, where two members of the team discover a young witchboy - Klarion, causing havoc in a small town.
You can view a preview of the issue here.

Each story is only a few pages long so it's difficult to review without giving away too much of the story, but at $4.99 (American money) or approx £3.99 (British sterling) it's not a huge amount to spend to find a way into the mythologies.  Samples of art from the other stories are as follows:

DC also released a Halloween themed issue of Superman/Batman issue (#77) featuring a team up between Supergirl and the current Robin, known as Damian.  These two were last seen together in World's Finest, where they didn't get on, and the relationship hasn't improved much since.

The mystery they set out to solve in this issue is the unexplained deaths of several college students.  The book ties in nicely with the events of the New Krypton saga as well as being a good standalone story.  The art is very stylised and very cute:

It's priced at $2.99 (American) or £1.99 (British sterling) and you can read a preview as well as view the cover here.* 

So, if you were interested in getting a cheaper more throwaway Halloween themed comic, you could do far worse than trying either of these two.  Any comic shop should have copies in stock, you can view our list of recommended comic shops (virtual and physical) here.

*With thanks to Anj over at Supergirl Comic Box Commentary who let me borrow the Superman/Batman scans.

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