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Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's a Bird...

Writer: Steven T. Seagle
Artist: Teddy Kristiansen

What's it about?
Steven T. Seagle, professional comic writer, is offered a stint on the Superman book.  For most comics creators, this is the ultimate honour and indicates that they have 'made it', however, Seagle turns it down.  the reason he gives is that Superman doesn't resonate with him.  We discover that Seagle's first exposure to the Superman comics occurred in a hospital when he was five years old, and discovered his grandma had a rare degenerative and fatal disease, then named Huntington's Chorea.The rest of the book deals with Seagle's examination of what Superman means to him, what the spectre of Huntington's means for his future and his family.

What's good about it?
To enjoy this book, it doesn't matter if you are a Superman fan or not.  If you don't know anything about Superman the book offers a compassionate insight into one man's route to dealing with illness, relationships and grief as well as discussing ideas of power, war and hope.  If you are a Superman fan you will be drawn into the discussion of Superman's mythology, symbology and mythology that is contained within the pages.

Many different points of view are given and as such this is not a so much a book about superheroes as it is a book about people and the symbols with which we navigate and live our lives.

What's bad about it?
Nothing.  I cannot find anything to criticise about this book.  It's mature, reasoned and emotional in all the right places.

What's the art like?
All art is done by one person, Teddy Kristiansen.  Asa  result it is cohesive and fluid.  I think it resembles watercolour art which gives it a soft dreamlike quality.  Sometimes the panels appear cold, sometimes they are bursting with life.  This being a book using Superman, the primary colours of red, yellow and blue are a recurring theme.

Other information
Price: £10.99
ISBN: 1840239204

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